The Founder´╗┐

Fred Daniel is an investor, entrepreneur, businessman, inventor, conservationist, founder and driving force behind the creation of the Nkomazi Wilderness (Nkomazi Game Reserve), Komati Springs and Travelport (the Cradle of Life project).

After a 7-year search for suitable land across southern Africa, and in the spring of 1999, Fred found the land he had been looking for, and had the opportunity to realize his dream.

Having sold his IT business, he decided to buy the first land that would eventually make up the Cradle of Life project.

His ambition was to rehabilitate and restore degraded farmland and expand suitable habitat for the re-introduction of wild animals including the big 5 and large predators that were there before humans hunted them to extinction, and return the land to its former ecological integrity, all in the interest of stemming, halting and reversing environmental degradation and biodiversity loss.

The Cradle of Life Project was born from

the vision of´╗┐ Fred Daniel to arrest this crisis, in his own smallway!