Tourism Development

The Tourism Centre

The Cradle of Life Tourism Centre was planned as the gateway to the string of protected heritage nodes that formed the Transfrontier Park, National and World Heritage initiatives.

Because of the unique geology found in the mountain range, Fred wrote:“It was here in the ancient Barberton Mountainlands and Wild Frontier region of Mpumalanga, where this incredible journey of all journeys for me really started.

The rocks all around me spoke of the conditions and environments that prevailed at the mostremote reachesof time.

I discoveredunprecedented ecological and scientific treasures and I learned of the most perilous journey of all – the journey of the countless miracles the saw mankind survives and evolve over billions of years to the present time.

It was here that I learned of the beginning of time and what happened some 13.7 billion yearsago.At Nkomazi I had become the ultimate time traveller”

Travelport consisted of a fuel station, information centre, rest rooms, convenience store, curio shop, indigenous nursery, restaurant, bar, playgrounds, animal farm, wedding and conference facilities, amphitheatre, accommodation,swimming pool and a Biopark with animals.

It was part of the project to educate the public about the value of nature.