The Project

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New Conservation Area

It is a newly created conservation area that lies within the lowlands (grasslands) of the Great Nkomati River Valley and within the Highlands of the world-famous Barberton Mountainlands, between Badplaas and Barberton in the province of Mpumalanga, in South Africa.

It forms the southern-most part of a string of heritage nodes that form the Barberton Mountainlands Transfrontier Park and World Heritage initiatives.


There was therefore an opportunity, and a necessity to do all this but also ramp up efforts with time consuming and expensive programs that included rehabilitation, reversing, healing, restoring and improve overall biodiversity. In this regard, elephant and lion, along with large predators and the big five are flagship species that bring the financial benefits of tourism, such as safari photography and game viewing, into the picture. The above are keystone species critical to ecological integrity and balance.